Special Education Pre-School

The Helena School District Preschool serves children with disabilities from ages 3 to 5. Children qualify for our program using the criteria of disabilities of being significantly delayed in one of more areas such as speech and language, physical, cognitive, social, or behavioral, as established by the State of Montana. Children are served according to their individual needs and are enrolled from two to four half-day sessions a week, depending upon their age and needs.

Young children do much of their early learning in the family. For children with significant delays and who are eligible, families may choose to complement this early learning with special education and related services.

To meet the needs of all learners in PreK, we have built the following Instructional Framework.  This framework guides all learning experiences in and out of the classroom.  We are proud to start the district’s youngest learner with a strong foundation in social/emotional learning and build to academics as students are ready.