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Posted on September 14, 2018

GT3 – Week of Apr. 22 – Apr. 26

Parents, Teachers, and PEAKers,

GT3 students had another good week at PEAK. We finished out Independent Study unit and started our last unit of the year! Unlocking Your Potential started with an Escape Room scenario devised by Mr. Slead and me. We had lots of ideas flying and students working together attempting to solve the riddles, scrambled words, and codes. Overall, it was exciting and engaging and the students really enjoyed it.

Next week, we will be doing more with SCAMPER, as well as SMART goals and Multiple Intelligences! Busy, busy, busy!

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Coburn Currier GT3's Schedule

  • Monday

    Broadwater, Central, and Smith

  • Tueday

    Jefferson and Jim Darcy

  • Wednesday

    Kessler, Rossiter, and Warren

  • Thursday

    Bryant, Four Georgians, and Hawthorne

  • Friday

    HMS and CRA