Marianne Baumeister GT4

Hello and welcome to the GT4 homepage!

We have an exciting year planned! Please refer to this page each week. It will contain Grade 4 PEAK information, as well as the weekly newsletter.

It’s going to be a great year!





Four Georgians, Rossiter

Upcoming Events

Marianne Baumeister GT4's Schedule

  • Monday

    4th Four Georgians, 4th Rossiter

  • Tuesday

    4th Bryant, 4th Jefferson, 4th Kessler

  • Wednesday

    4th Broadwater, 4th Jim Darcy, 4th Warren, 4th Smith

  • Thursday

    4th Central, 4th Hawthorne

  • Friday

    6th/7th/8th HMS and CRA Lunch and Advisor Labs/Monthly Seminars